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The Importance Plot Elements

The Importance Plot Elements - The Importance of Being...

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The Importance of Being Earnest: Plot Elements 1. Crisis – Jack wants to marry Gwendolyn Jack Worthing 2. Character – two-faced: responsible, respectable, landowner, dependable / irresponsible, mischievous, gluttonous, escapist 3. Desire – to indulge in the very desires he pretends Ernest has; to marry Gwendolyn 4. Action – keeping up a false friend named Ernest; talking to Lady Bracknell; wooing Gwendolyn 5. Obstacle – Gwendolyn’s infatuation with the name Ernest; Lady Bracknell’s stubbornness Algernon Moncrieff 2. Character – charming, intelligent, handsome, immoral, self-serving, proud 3. Desire – to escape his social obligations; to live beautifully; to marry Cecily 4. Action –keeping up the identity of a false friend named Bunbury; trying to win over Cecily; faking an identity 5. Obstacle – Cecily’s unwillingness to be swept off her feet by Algernon; Lady Bracknell’s constant summoning of Algernon to social functions Gwendolyn Fairfax 2. Character – self-respecting, artificial, self-improving, intelligent, image-conscious, strong-
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