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Unformatted text preview: Final Exam Final Exam DRAM 120 Final Exam Pointers Final Exam Pointers Be prepared Bring sharpened #2 pencils Bring your own scantron sheet (or two) Arrive on time No open books, backpacks, laptops, etc. Part 1 of Final Exam 20­25 Multiple Choice Questions = 50% of grade These questions test for an ‘integrated understanding’ of material Many questions require reading various choices and weighing them against each other. Review the following Review the following for Part 1 of the Final Genre Considerations: Be familiar with the terms & usage “The Importance of Being Earnest:” Also, August Wilson’s biography & “African American” drama “How I Learned to Drive” Also, Brecht’s biography & the “Epic Theatre” genre “Fences” Including major principles of comedy we discussed “Galileo” You don’t need to memorize them all Also, Paula Vogel’s biography & “Feminist” drama “Blue Door” – review your response page and the playbill Reviewing the Plays we’ve read Reviewing the Plays we’ve read Use Discussion Board to share play analysis Scan the play briefly Use scene event summaries to help you recall the shape of the play. Familiarize yourself with the plot elements. Look over the historical & biographical context Powerpoints on Blackboard. Focus on the playwrights’ biographies and their particular genre. Part 2 of Final Exam Part 2 of Final Exam Analysis of a Short Scene = 50% The scene will be one we haven’t studied together You will be expected to do the following: Event Summary, to include: 1. Shift Diagram; 2. the crucial info/influence that causes the shift; 3. An event sentence; 4. Any driving questions. Plot Elements, to include: 1. scene crisis; 2. characters (pithy description); 3. desire/objectives; 4. action; 5. obstacle; 6. scene climax; 7. point of no return; 8. reversal; 9. resolution. Write a paragraph or two about Genre Considerations. While you do not need to list the 9 genre considerations covered in class, it may be useful to refer to some of them as you discuss your impressions of perspective on human nature, character complexity, audience appeal, etc. Do a Character study. Note down the following for the character: physical characteristics, socio­economic status, psychological make­up, and moral or ethical choices. Then, infer the character’s intentions, both conscious and unconscious. Finally, choose that character’s “constellation,” those qualities and intentions you would emphasize. Review the following Review the following for Part 2 of the Final The ‘right’ way of doing event summaries (esp. event sentences) The 9 plot elements The ‘Genre Discussions’ Powerpoint on Blackboard The ‘Sample Character Study’ (on Feers) powerpoint ...
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