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Physics Teaching Seminar Instructions for mock teaching experience This exercise has two purposes: 1) to give you experience in presenting physics material in a mock teaching situation to an audience of your peers (an increasingly popular component of job interviews), and 2) to give you experience in observing and critiquing others’ mock teaching. These mock teaching experiences will be short and focus on a well-defined task. They will be presented starting on November 2. Scenario: Imagine that you are a teaching assistant for an introductory physics course (205 or 206) and that your students have been struggling with one of the selected problems and contact you by e-mail to ask for help.
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Unformatted text preview: You decide to take the first few minutes (max. of 15) at the beginning of the next lab to discuss the problem’s solution with the class. Task: I will assign you a problem to present. You should briefly explain the problem (not the solution) and then work with the “class” to help them arrive at the correct solution. You will NOT be trying to prove that you can solve the problem. That is assumed. You will be evaluated on your ability to teach the “students” how to solve the problem. Be sure to use your presentation to reinforce the important physical principles and help the students understand how to approach solving other similar problems....
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