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Mathematica exercises part 1 Prof. Steven Tschantz 1/13/11 Introduction This course is about mathematical modeling, as applied to problems in economics. The tool we will use, both for communicating about mathematics and economics and for computing, is the program Mathematica . Assignments will be posted in the form of Mathematica notebooks containing descriptions of the mathematical models considered, examples of the computations that can be carried out with Mathematica , and exercises to be completed using Mathematica and then returned by email. Your first task then will be to learn the basics of Mathematica and practice using it. I have prepared a very basic introduction to Mathematica in the notebook A quick start with Mathematica (click on this link or see the course homepage). You can have multiple windows open in Mathematica, working the exercises in this window while at the same time reading the quick start notebook for explanation. Complete the following exercises, save your results, and email your final version to Editing notebooks We begin with practice in preparing Mathematica notebooks. ± 1. Save a copy of your notebook. Save a copy of this notebook under a new name by selecting File/Save As from the menu, navigating to appropriate location and giving the file a name, preferably one including your name to make it easier for me to identify when I collect assignments. You thus have your own working copy of this assignment which you can work on, saving your progress, as convenient, using File- /Save. I saved this notebook as mmaexercises1soln.nb. ± 2. Open/close groups of cells. ± 3. Deleting cells. Way at the top of this notebook is a copyright notice in a single line text cell. Since you will be editing this file, inserting your own information, this notice is irrelevant. Select the cell bracket for this one cell (click on the cell bracket) and select Edit/Cut from the menu to delete this cell.
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± 4. Editing text.
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mmaexercises1soln - Mathematica exercises part 1 Prof....

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