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Project instructions Steven Tschantz 4/12/11 Assignment Complete an individual project illustrating a mathematical model in economics, applying our computational tools, and demon- strating your understanding of methods developed during the course. Investigate a problem that interests you, in a manner similar to our lab assignments, producing a notebook or other files of your work. You may discuss, work, and coordinate with others, considering related aspects of a problem or similar problems, but as usual, what you submit should be your own work. Email your final version by Sat. Apr. 30 to Ideas Imitate our lab assignments. I have tried to begin with a basic question, then propose a mathematical formulation of the problem, devise a computational solution, and explore the implications of that solution. You may choose an idealized, theoretical problem, illustrating a basic economic principle. Or you may prefer to consider a particular real, practical question, investigating a business or industry. You might propose and simulate a statistical model, or collect and analyze data. You may revisit one of our lab assignments as your project, expanding upon the techniques explained, applying them to new
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projectinstructions - Project instructions Steven Tschantz...

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