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Math 127B, Homework 1 Due: Thursday, January 20th, 2011 Name: Recitation Section: 1. Suppose that we want to count the number of students at Vanderbilt who are education majors. How would you do this if you were: (a) The university registrar. (b) A student in the Education school. (c) A student in math 127B. 2. Suppose that we want to measure the proportion of the population that is over 55 years old. Consider the box that has a 1 for everyone over 55, and a 0 for everyone else. What is the relationship between the proportion and the average of the box. 3. How many people are eligible to vote in the state of Tennessee? Cite a credible reference for this data. Wikipedia does not count. 4. Consider the following box 0 0 2 3 . (a) Compute the average and standard deviation of this box.
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Unformatted text preview: (b) Compute the expected value for this box when 100 draws are made at random with replacement. What about the expected value when 1000 draws are made. (c) The standard error is defined by the formula SE = √ number of draws × SD of the box. Compute the standard error for 100 draws and 400 draws from this box. 5. Go to the Gallup Organization’s website. Spend 10 minutes surfing the website and looking at the kind of statistics they collect. See if you can find the way they conduct sampling and the sizes of their sample. Here is the question: What is the president’s approval rating this week? Has it declined, remained constant, or improved in the month of December 2010? 1...
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