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h10 - Math 127B Homework 10 Due Monday April 18th 2011 Name...

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Math 127B, Homework 10 Due: Monday, April 18th, 2011 Name: Recitation Section: This is an R homework. You can work either in groups or on an individual basis. If you choose to work in a group, you must list all the members of your group on the homework. You don’t need to submit multiple copies of the homework, one copy for the whole group is fine. I do encourage you to try the homework on an individual basis as well; it’s good to practice without group support. I would prefer it if you submit the homework by email. I can read most MS Word files and PDF files. PDF is preferred. You should submit PDF copies of the histograms. 1. Download the data for the American League salaries from 2003. Save the file to your working folder and load the dataset into R. I called the dataset al . The objective of this problem is to answer some questions about these salaries. You can use any method you like to compute your results. However, using R is a good idea, since that is what you are being tested on! (a) Draw a histogram of the salaries of all players in the American league. The initial histogram will
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