r1 - Math 127B Basic R Lecture 1 Mrinal Raghupathi Monday...

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Math 127B, Basic R, Lecture 1 Mrinal Raghupathi Monday, April 4, 2011 Administrivia Today we will learn the absolute basics of the programming language R. This language was designed with statistics in mind. Reminders 1. Homework 9 is due Thursday, 4/7 in recitation. 2. Quiz in recitation over chapter 28 on 4/27. Notation I will follow a standard convention for writing computer code and instructions. Things that you should type or that R will print out will be written in a fixed-width typewriter font. So this is normal text and this is R text or computer code . 1 Starting and stopping I will post all the information related to R at the following address http://www.math.vanderbilt.edu/ ~ mrinalr/programming/r You can also find the link on the usual webpage, and you will find the class notes in both places. 1.1 Starting R To start R you should locate the R icon in either the applications folder (mac) or in the start menu (windows). When you start up a lot of things will happen, but at the end of the process you will see a little window with a prompt > . This is where all the action will take place. 1
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When R starts it will print some information about the version you are using and the oper- ating system, a warranty message, a little bit of information about citing R, and then few useful commands: demo(), help() and q(). After this you will find a prompt, which should look like this > . 1.2 Quitting If you want to shut things down you type q() . Don’t forget the tow parentheses at the end. Okay, so you shut things down, so you’ll need to start R again. 1.3 Creating a folder Somewhere on your computer you should create a folder (directory) where you will save your work. Give it any name you feel like.
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r1 - Math 127B Basic R Lecture 1 Mrinal Raghupathi Monday...

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