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Unformatted text preview: Exercises December 3, 2010 1. If A is an invertible matrix and is an eigenvalue of A , then show that - 1 is an eigenvalue of A- 1 . Note that you must prove that 6 = 0 first. 2. What is the relationship between the eigenvalues of A and those of A T . 3. Let T : C n C n be a linear transformation, let be an eigenvalue of T , and let p be a polynomial. (a) Show that p ( ) is an eigenvalue of p ( T ). (b) Now suppose that is an eigenvalue of p ( T ), show that there is an eigenvalue of T such that p ( ) = . (c) Are these statements true for linear transformations on R n . 4. This exercise is about the generalization of the dot product to C n . To distinguish it from the usual dot product we will call it the inner product. If ~ z , ~w are vectors in C n , then we define the inner product by h ~ z, ~w i = z 1 w 1 + + z n w n . Remmeber that a + ib = a- ib . For ~v, ~w,~ z C n and C , prove the following facts (a) h ~ z + ~w,~v i = h ~ z,~v i +...
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