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Quiz2_Final Blackboard Answers-1 - Quiz#2 1 In Chapel Hill...

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Quiz #2 1) In Chapel Hill, when was rain observed? a) Wednesday September 8, Mid-Afternoon b) Wednesday, September 9, Morning c) Friday, September 10, Morning d) Thursday, September 10, Evening 2) What tropical cyclone made landfall in Texas? a) Earl b) Gaston c) Hermine d) Fiona ( Figure 1) 3) What is predominate cause of these clouds observed in this Visible Satellite (Figure 1) from Wednesday (September 8)? a) Tropical Cyclone b) Front c) Trough d) Convection 4) Where is vertical heat flux across the surface maximized? a) Mid-latitudes b) Equator c) Poles 5.) When a strong cyclone approaches our region from the west, what general direction do the winds blow from and what type of advection is observed? a.) north, warm b.) north, cold
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c.) south, cold d.) south, warm 6.) Typically an atmosphere with little water vapor will have the following characteristics except: a.) Increased net outgoing longwave radiation b .) Increased net incoming shortwave radiation c.) More rapid drop in temperatures in the evening 7.) The following conditions will decrease incoming shortwave radiation except : a.) Cloud Cover b.) Haze c.) Elevation d.) High Albedo THIS QUESTION HAS BEEN CREDITED DUE TO THE AMBIGUITY OF “ELEVATION” 8.) Which of the following promotes hurricane formation in the Atlantic basin
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Quiz2_Final Blackboard Answers-1 - Quiz#2 1 In Chapel Hill...

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