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CHE112 Notes for Unknown 6

CHE112 Notes for Unknown 6 - Assignment 6 unknown The...

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Assignment 6 unknown. The purpose of Assignment 6 unknown analysis is to use the skills that you have learned throughout this lab to determine the identity of unknown compounds. Assignment 6 unknown will actually consist of two unknowns, Unknown 6A and Unknown 6B. The Unknown Answer Sheet that you will use to report to your instructor is shown below. This is all you need to turn in regarding your unknown. Unknown Number _____________ Lab Instructor___________________ Unknown analysis for Chem 112 Lab. Name _______________________ Unknown A Unknown B Description: _______________________ ________________________ pH: _______________________ ________________________ Ions present: _______________________ ________________________ Ion(s) responsible for pH: _______________________ ________________________ Formula(s) of salt(s) present:______________________ ________________________ Some traits and tips on your unknown 6 are: The determination of the identity of your unknown is like an exam—it is entirely up to you to do the analysis. Asking others for interpretations regarding your tests for ions is not allowed. You will be given only one set of packets for the unknown—no more. Do not spill it! You will not be given another! Fill in your Unknown Number on your Unknown Answer Sheet. You may use your lab information and notes when you perform your unknown analysis. Unknown 6A is guaranteed to be a pure salt. Unknown 6B can be a mixture of 1 or more salts. Unknown 6B will not contain a salt of SO 4 2– mixed with a salt of HSO 4 .
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You must modify your criterion using the pH for determining the difference between solutions containing HSO 4 - or SO 4 2- , depending on the presence Al 3+ . Unknown 6 may contain any of the ions tested through assignment 6—these are the ions from assignment 2 as well as the ions, CO 3 2– , HCO 3 , Ca 2+ , Mg 2+ , Al 3+ and Cu 2+ .
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CHE112 Notes for Unknown 6 - Assignment 6 unknown The...

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