211 (S07) Final Exam

211 (S07) Final Exam - Physics 211 (Spring 2007) Name Final...

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Physics 211 (Spring 2007) Final Exam (May 10, 2007) Name Section Number: 1 or 2 (circle your section) Signature Print your name LEGIBLY and sign your name in the spaces provided above. This part of the exam consists of seven questions, each consisting of several parts of varying difficulty. If you cannot do one part, move on to the next. Partial credit will be given for all parts of this exam. Show your line of reasoning; a final answer in itself is not sufficient. To get full credit, you must show CLEARLY how you obtained your answers . THIS IS A CLOSED BOOK EXAM . DO NOT OPEN THE EXAM BEFORE 2:00 PM COMPLETED EXAMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER 4:00 PM Equations: Kinematic equations: See table below. Also useful 1 ( ) 2 f i x i xi xf x x v t x v v t = + = + + Static friction: μ s f N Kinetic friction: k f = N Scalar vector product: cos AB θ = A B g Work done by constant force: W = F r g Standard form for a traveling wave: ( 29 ( , ) sin y x t A kx t = - ϖ + φ wave traveling to right
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Name [ Total Points] 1. [5 pts] A 4-kg block is oscillating horizontally on a spring with spring constant k = 1875N/m. The maximum speed measured for the block is v = 10 m/s.
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211 (S07) Final Exam - Physics 211 (Spring 2007) Name Final...

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