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The Sven brothers (m =50 kg) are at it again. One brother remains stationary while his four brothers (spaced 1 meter apart from each other) rotate around him at constant angular velocity ω= 0.39 rad/s. The Sven brother farthest out lets go. What is the angular velocity of the remaining Sven brothers? Show your work. The Sven brother who is the furthest out goes on an eating binge and gains another 50% of his body weight. If the final angular velocity of the brothers is to remain the same,
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Unformatted text preview: what must be their initial angular velocity now? Show your work. When the now portly Sven brother lets go, he skates for 2 meters, (there is no friction between his skates and the ice) and then he tucks and begins rolling. Modeling him as a sphere, how fast is his center of mass moving along the ice after he begins rolling? Show your work. He rolls up a ramp, angled at 42° above the horizontal. How far does up the ramp does he travel?...
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