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parts of atmosphere  - 4 regions   troposphere - where people live, goes to about 12 km stratosphere - reaches 50 km mesosphere - reaches 85 km thermosphere - past mesosphere temperature change opposite in successive region pressure change remains constant (decreases as elevation increases) atmospheric composition  - made up of mostly nitrogen, oxygen   nitrogen = 78% oxygen = 21% argon, carbon dioxide, water vapor = next most commonly found gases oxygen reacts more than nitrogen (triple bond) photodissociation - photons from the sun breaking chemical bonds o O2 + energy >> 2O o mostly dissociated at very high elevations photoionization - loss of electron due to molecule absorbing radiation ozone (O3) forms from photodissociated oxygen and oxygen molecules
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Unformatted text preview: o most ozone found in stratosphere • chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) - depletes the ozone layer o harmless in lower atmosphere o reaches higher atmosphere >> more radiation >> more photodissociation o chloride w/ oxygen forms chlorine monoxide troposphere composition - like atmosphere, mostly nitrogen/oxygen • acid rain- due to nitrogen oxides in air o NOx from fossil fuel burning o kills animals, corrodes metals/stone • carbon monoxide - along w/ cyanide, bonds to hemoglobin better than oxygen • photochemical smog- stagnant air mass due to nitric oxide o ozone acts as pollutant in lower atmosphere • carbon dioxide/methane - contributes to greenhouse effect...
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