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ClassificiationofMatter - different compositions due to...

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matter  - physical material of the universe   different compositions due to different arrangements of elements atoms - smallest building blocks of matter properties of matter change due to composition/structure of the atoms molecule - 2+ atoms joined in a specific shape states of matter  - gas, liquid, or solid   gas - aka vapor, has no definite shape/volume; molecules move at high speeds, often colliding w/ each other liquid - definite volume, but no definite shape; molecules can slide over each other solid - definite shape/volume, molecules held tightly together pure substances  - has distinct properties and doesn't vary from sample to sample   either elements or compounds elements - cannot be decomposed into simpler substances o oxygen, silicon, aluminum, iron, calcium make up most of crust o oxygen, carbon, hydrogen makes up most of human body o similar elements grouped in the same column on the periodic table compounds
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