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colligativeproperties - ,notthetype Raoults law adding...

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colligative properties  - depends on quantity of solute, not the type Raoult’s law - adding solute to solvent lowers vapor pressure o partial pressure of solvent vapor = mole fraction of solvent x vapor pressure of pure solvent o limited to nonvolatile/nonelectrolyte substances ( ideal solution ) boiling point increases when solute added to solution o more solute >> decreased vapor pressure >> takes longer to reach atmospheric pressure (boil) o DTb = Kbm freezing point decreases when solute added to solution o DTf = Kfm osmosis - net mov’t of solvent moves towards area w/ higher solute concentration o liquid continually moves across semipermeable membrane in both directions o osmotic pressure - pressure needed to prevent osmosis o isotonic - solutions w/ same osmotic pressure o hypotonic - solution w/ lower osmotic pressure o hypertonic - solution w/ higher osmotic pressure o crenation - shriveling of (hypotonic) cell when liquid moves out o
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