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molecules  - combination of 2+ atoms bound tightly together   chemical formula - uses chemical symbols and subscripts to show what elements are in the compound diatomic molecule - made of just 2 atoms (exists naturally in this state); includes the halogens (exluding astatine), oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen molecular compounds - contains more than 1 type of atom empirical formula - shows the subscripts of the molecular formula in the smallest possible ratio structural formula - shows how the substances are bonded to each other perspective drawing - structural formula written to give a sense of 3D shape ball-and-stick model - shows atoms as spheres, bonds as sticks space-filling model - shows relative sizes of atoms up in size ion - charged particle formed when electrons are added/removed from an atom cation - positively charged ion anion - negatively charged ion polyatomic ions - molecules with a net charge charges relate to the atomic position on the periodic table
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Unformatted text preview: • ionic compounds- contains both positively/negatively charged ions; generally combinations of metals/nonmetals • molecular compounds - contains nonmetals only ammonium NH4+ acetate C2H3O2- acetic HC2H3O2 hydronium H3O+ hydrogen carbonate HCO3- carbonic H2CO3 hypochlorite ClO- hypochlorous HClO phosphite PO33- chlorite ClO2- chlorous HClO2 phosphate PO43- chlorate ClO3- chloric HClO3 perchlorate ClO4- perchloric HClO4 carbonate CO32- bromate BrO3- chromic H2CrO4 chromate CrO42- hydroxide OH- hydrobromic HBrO3 dichromate Cr2O72- nitrite NO2- nitrous HNO2 oxalate C2O42- nitrate NO3- nitric HNO3 sulfite SO32- iodate IO3- oxalic H2C2O4 sulfate SO42- permanganate MnO4- phosphorous H3PO3 peroxide O22- cyanide CN- phosphoric H3PO4 thiocyanate SCN- sulfurous H2SO3 sulfuric H2SO4 hydrocyanic HCN...
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