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concentration  - amount of solute dissolved in a given quantity of solvent   greater the solute >> greater the concentration molarity = moles of solute / liters of solution concentrations of electrolytic solutions depends on chemical formula o can be given as molarity of compound or molarity of individual ions molarity can be used as conversion factor between volume of solution and moles of solute dilution  - lowers the concentration of a solution by adding water   stock solutions - solutions in concentrated form moles of solute before dilution = moles of solute after dilution molarity of concentrated solution * volume of concentrated solution = molarity of diluted solution * volume
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Unformatted text preview: of diluted solution chemical analysis - convert to moles to find relationships between reactants/products titration - determines concentration of a particular solute in a solution • combines sample of solution w/ standard solution (reagent solution of known concentration) • can be conducted suing acid-base, precipitation, or redox reactions • equivalence point- point when stoichiometrically equivalent quantities are brought together • indicators- acid-base dyes that show when the equivalence point is reached • end point - when the color change of dyes occur; usually very close to equivalence point...
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