kineticmoleculartheory - kineticmolecular theory explains...

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kinetic-molecular theory  - explains behavior of gases gases made up of large number of molecules in constant, random motion gas molecules are extremely tiny attractive/repulsive forces between gas molecules don’t really do anything energy transferred between molecules during collisions, but average kinetic energy stays the same (elastic collisions) o individual molecules have different speeds average kinetic energy directly proportional to absolute temperature o constant temperature >> constant average kinetic energy rms speed (u) - speed of molecule w/ average kinetic energy o average kinetic energy = 1/2 mu2 o u = (3RT/molar mass)1/2 effusion  - escape of gas molecules through a tiny opening Graham’s law - compares rates of effusion under identical conditions o shows that lighter gas effuses more rapidly o r1/r2 = (M2/M1)1/2 diffusion - spread of substance throughout a space or 2nd substance o molecular collisions >> motion of gas molecules constantly changes >> diffusion is slow
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kineticmoleculartheory - kineticmolecular theory explains...

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