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molecularorbittheory - multiple bonds overlap of p orbitals...

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multiple bonds  - overlap of p orbitals sigma bonds - single bonds where electron density concentrated symmetrically around line connecting the nuclei pi bonds - overlapping electron regions lie above/below internuclear axis o can’t experimentally be seen single bond - 1 sigma bond double bond - 1 sigma bond, 1 pi bond triple bond - 1 sigma bond, 2 pi bonds delocalized pi bonding - cannot be described as individual electron bond between atoms o split up all around the molecule o explains identical length of alternating single/double bonds in molecules like benzene o found in all molecules w/ 2+ resonance structures molecular orbital theory  - describes electrons in terms of molecular orbitals  bonding molecular orbital - lower energy molecular orbital o electron attracted to both nuclei o very stable antibonding molecular orbital - little electron density between nuclei o higher energy molecular orbital o
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