nuclearcharge - o larger electron cores less able to shield...

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periodic table development  - ordered according to atomic mass by Mendeleev/Meyer   Mendeleev got majority of credit for advancing his ideas more vigorously and predicting the existence of substances yet to be discovered Henry Moseley - arranged atoms by atomic number instead of atomic mass, solved the problems in the original periodic table effective nuclear charge  - electric field created by nucleus and surrounding electron density   uses average environment created by nucleus/electrons Zeff = Z - S o Z = number of protons in the nucleus o S = average number of core electrons inner electrons shield outer electrons from the nucleus' charge charge increases as you move across any row/period of the periodic table o Z increases as S stays the same, so Zeff increases charge increases only slightly as you move down a column/family
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Unformatted text preview: o larger electron cores less able to shield outer electrons than smaller cores atomic radii - nonbonding/bonding radius • nonbonding radii (van der Waals radii) - radius of atoms not in molecules • bonding radii (covalent radii) - radius of atoms in bonds o slightly shorter than nonbonding radii • increases as you move down column/family o outer electrons get farther from nucleus as principal quantum number increases • decreases as you move left to right across a row/period o as Zeff increases, outer electrons get pulled in more • ionic radii- depends on charge o cations - smaller than neutral atoms o anions - larger than neutral atoms • isoelectronic series- series of ions w/ same number of electrons, different number of protons o radius decreases as nuclear charge increases...
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