Units of Measurement

Units of Measurement - Mega (M) - 106 Kilo (k) - 103 Deci...

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SI units  - set of 7 basic units from which all other units are derived   kilogram (kg) - measures mass (amount of material in an object) meter (m) - length second (sa) - time Kelvin (K) - temperature, where 0° is absolute zero; 273.15 more than Celsius mole (mol) - amount of a substance ampere (A) - electric current candela (cd) - luminosity prefixes of metric system    Giga (G) - 109
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Unformatted text preview: Mega (M) - 106 Kilo (k) - 103 Deci (d) - 10-1 Centi (c) - 10-2 Milli (m) - 10-3 Micro (a) - 10-6 Nano (n) - 10-9 Pico (p) - 10-12 Femto (f) - 10-15 derived SI units - uses a combination of SI units volume - measured by cubic meter or liter (equal to cubic decimeter) density - amount of mass per unit volume; mass/volume...
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