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XI. The First Unelected President I. Gerald Ford was the first unelected president ever, since his name had been submitted by Nixon as a V.P. candidate when Spiro Agnew resigned due to a bribery scandal while he was Maryland governor. All the other V.P.’s that had ascended to the presidency had at least been supported as running mates of the president that had been elected. II. He was also seen as a dumb jock of a president (he was a former Univ. of Michigan football player), and his popularity and respect further sank when he issued a full pardon of Nixon, thus setting off accusations of a “buddy deal.” III. His popularity also declined when he granted amnesty to “draft dodgers” thus allowing them to return to the U.S. from wherever they’d run to (usually Canada or Europe). IV. In July 1975, Ford signed the Helsinki accords, which recognized Soviet boundaries, guaranteed human rights, and eased the U.S.—Soviet situation. o Critics charged that détente was making the U.S. lose grain and technology while gaining nothing from the Soviets. XII. Defeat in Vietnam I. Disastrously for Ford, South Vietnam fell to the communist North in 1975, and American troops had to be evacuated, the last on April 29, 1975, thus ending the U.S. role in Vietnam War. II. America seemed to have lost the war, and it had also lost a lot of respect. XIII. Feminist Victories and Defeats I. During the 1970s, the feminist movement became energized and took a decidedly aggressive tone. II. Title IX prohibited sex discrimination in any federally funded education program. o It’s largest impact was seen in the emergence of girls’ sports. III. The Supreme Court entered the fray in the feminist movement. o The Court’s decisions challenged sex discrimination in legislation and employment. o
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70spostnixon - XI.TheFirstUnelectedPresident I. Gerald Ford...

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