GWBush - VIII.TheBushGorePresidentialBattle I. The 2000...

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VIII. The Bush-Gore Presidential Battle I. The 2000 election began to shape up as a colorful one. o Democrats chose Vice President Albert Gore . He had to balance aligned with Clinton’s prosperity and against his scandals. o The Green Party (consisting mostly of liberals and environmentalists) chose consumer advocate Ralph Nader. o Republicans chose Texas governor George W. Bush (son of George H. W. Bush and known simply as “W” or, in Texas, as “Dub-ya”). II. A budget surplus beckoned the question, “What to do with the extra money?” o Bush said to make big cut taxes for all. o Gore said to make smaller tax cuts to the middle class only, then use the rest to shore up the debt, Social Security, and Medicare. o Nader, in reality, was little more than a side-show. IX. The Controversial Election of 2000 I. A close finish was expected, but not to the degree to which it actually happened. o The confused finish was reminiscent of the Hayes-Tilden standoff of 1876. II. Controversy surrounded Florida. o Having the nation’s 4th most electoral votes, Florida was the swing-state. o Florida effectively had a tie, with Bush ahead by the slightest of margins. o State law required a recount. The recount upheld Bush’s narrow win. Democrats charged there were irregularities in key counties (notably Palm Beach county that had a large Jewish populace and therefore would figure to be highly Democratic in support of Gore’s V.P. candidate Joseph Lieberman, the 1st Jewish candidate for president or V.P.). At heart of the matter was the infamous “butterfly ballot” which supposedly confused the easily-confounded elderly of Palm Beach county—supposedly to Bush’s advantage. As the confusion wore on and America needed a president A.S.A.P., Florida eventually validated the Bush vote. Additionally, George W.’s brother Jeb Bush was the Florida governor; and, the Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris, who officially validated the Bush-vote, had been appointed by Jeb. For conspiracy theorists, it was like a field-day on Christmas morning.
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GWBush - VIII.TheBushGorePresidentialBattle I. The 2000...

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