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IX. Minority America I. Racial and ethic tensions also exacerbated the problems of American Cities o This was specifically evident in LA (magnet for minorities) It was a 1992 case wherein a mostly white jury exonerated white cops who had been videotaped ferociously beating a black suspect. The minority neighborhoods of LA erupted in anger Arson and looting laid waste on every block Many people were killed Many blacks vented their anger towards the police/judicial system by attacking Asian shopkeepers In return, Asians set up patrols to protect themselves The chaos still lingers decades later o LA riots vividly testified to black skepticism about the US system of justice Three years later, in LA, a televised showing of OJ Simpson’s murder trial fed white disillusionment w/ the state of race relations after months of testimony, it looked like OJ was guilty, but was acquitted due to the fact some white cops had been shown to harbor racist sentiments In a a later civil trail, another jury unanimously found Simpson liable for the “wrongful deaths” of his former wife and another victim The Simpson verdicts revealed the huge gap between white and black America (whites = guilty, blacks = 1st verdict stands) o Blacks still felt that they were mistreated, especially in 2000 elections when they accused that they weren’t allowed to vote in Florida. Said they were still facing the Jim Crow South of racial indifference II. US cities have always held an astonishing variety of ethnic/racial groups, but by 20th century, minorities made up the majority, making whites flee to the suburbs o In 2002, 52% of blacks and only 21% of whites lived in central cities III. The most desperate black ghettos were especially problematic o Blacks who benefited form the 60s Civil Rights Movement left to the suburbs with whites leaving the poorest of the poor in the old ghettos. o
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MinorityAmerica - IX.MinorityAmerica I. Racial and ethic...

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