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Introduction to Management Professor B. Schilling Outline of Key Topics: Planning What is planning? - Define organizational goals - Establish strategies for achieving those goals - Develop a comprehensive set of action steps to integrate and coordinate work activities within the organization - Good planning focuses on the ends, as well as the means to achieve them 3 primary types of planning: strategic , tactical, operational Process of planning (generalized) - Define the present situation - Establish goals and objectives - Forecast aids/barriers to goals and objectives - Develop action plans to reach goals - Develop budgets - Implement plans - Control plans (evaluation!)
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Unformatted text preview: -Create contingency plan(s) Why do plans sometimes fail? >>> Factors internal to the organization and external factors. Business strategy -Process of strategic management (within which is strategic planning) -Strategic planning concepts: vision, mission SWOT analysis -What are some key external factors to examine during a SWOT analysis? -3 levels of organizational strategy o Corporate >>> stability, renewal, growth (3 types of corporate growth strategy), o Business o Functional -Examples of business strategy in practice What is the relationship between management level & participation in different types of planning?...
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