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Rejection Letter: Recommendations for Drafting Prepare a three or four paragraph letter to the project’s writer (your peer) from the funding source. You will be role playing for the rejection of the proposal. Be sure to get the exact information for your role. Intro.1: Introduction to the general importance of the project in solving a critical problem for society/corporation/population, etc. . Para.2: Recognition of the specific merits/relevance of the proposal for the funding
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Unformatted text preview: sources supporting the project at this time/as submitted. Para. 3/4: Specifically indicate what the problem is and what your general expectations for re-submission should include. Select one or two major concerns that need to be addressed in the revision. Provide a re-submission timeline. Concl: Reiterate the interest in the projects approval and future implementation. Encourage contact for any questions re: the requested revisions...
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