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Rutgers University Spring 2011 Writing 355: 303 Writing for Business and Professions Kneller, S. Revision Techniques: Style 1. Select a paragraph from a peer’s essay and analyze it for readability , according to the Gunning Fog Index directions. Then recommend sentence combinations (if too many short sentences occur) or sentence reductions (if sentences are over-packed). 2. Underline all “to be” main verbs, e.g. is, are, was, were, will, etc. Do not underline every form of “to be” if it functions as an auxiliary verb, e.g. “… will infringe upon their rights.” The sentence’s main action, “to infringe,” will occur in future time; “will” is an auxiliary verb. Now suggest specific action verbs to replace these weaker forms. Replace any other linking verbs such as “feel” and “seem” for which more appropriate action verbs can be found. 3. Circle all prepositional phrases (initiated by words such as in, out, around, by, for, at, etc.). Recommend possessive forms to replace as many prepositional phrases as
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