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Rutgers University Writing 355:302- Scientific and Technical Writing Kneller, S. Fall 2011 CLASS SCHEDULE: Please note that the following schedule is tentative. Weather, illness, class discussion etc. may necessitate changes. If class is missed for any reason, the students should come prepared for the scheduled activities for the next class plus the missed class. For every class, assignments are to be completed before the class by the student. The following symbols are used to differentiate classroom work: Assignment is homework for class Assignment is to be covered in class Wednesday, September 7 Introduction to the course Attendance Student information sheets Writing sample Purchase texts at Rutgers Bookstores. Review semester announcements on Sakai : Click on your section/course for 355:302-08 (FS #109) or 09 (HCK #216). The class information, daily syllabus, library research guide, etc. will be found in each section’s Resources . If something new is added, you also will get a notification electronically. Check Sakai for additional samples of student papers (under BTW tab/research modules for the for the Midterm and Final project proposals. Remember they are not all A’s! They represent some of the grade levels, but they are passing project proposals. Thursday, September 8 ( * a Monday class as listed by the Registrar) Read three different newspapers, circle three interesting articles (an article which reveals a problem-solution scenario which might be a potential project topic ), and bring to class See STWT, p. 7. Read STWT, pp.1-8, Chapter 1 and pp. 71-89, Chapter 3 Review TWC, Chapter 1 (audience through organization), pp. 3-16 Discuss first day writing sample -- group exercise Discuss resume and cover letter Newspaper exercise -- project discussion in STWT; use p. 8 Monday, September 12 Read STWT, Chapter 3, pp. 71-90 Read STWT, Chapter 2, pp. 12-20 (Kuhn) Review TWC, Chapter 8 (job application- letters, search, resume), pp. 221-226;229-232; 232- 245 Review TWC, Chapter 1 cont’d ( paragraphs), pp. 18-25
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Discuss possible leads to the project; view oral presentation videos Analyze STW readings and paradigm concept Evaluate various stylistics in technical writing Wednesday, September 14 Draft of resume and cover letter due – with job advertisement; bring 2 copies for peer critiques and 1 copy for instructor’s collection. Researching your topic, STWT, pp. 91-102 Discuss STWT assignment Peer critique of resume and cover letter Monday, September 19 Read STWT, pp. 61-70 Print and bring Sakai Resource, “Library and Technical Writing Guide” (Mulcahy) Discuss reading assignment Round-robin discussion of individual topics and specific paradigms Discuss library research resources Review resume/cover letter samples selected by the instructor from RD copies Wednesday, September 21 Meet in Alexander Library (Rm. #413), CAC to research two potential project topics;
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sylbus30282411 - Rutgers University Writing 355:302-...

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