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Rutgers University International Economics 220:300 Sec: 06, Tue & Thurs. Fall 11 Dr. G. Clare Office: NJ Hall, Room 422 Phone : (732) 932-8108 Learning Goals for Economics Majors See the Department website at the following: Course Goals: Students who complete this course will have a thorough understanding of the core micro- and macro-economic principles that underlie international economic relations; will comprehend the basic economic theories of trade, trade barriers, and the impact of trade policy on firms and consumers; will know the basics of exchange rates and how they affect economic agents and government policy; will learn the fundamentals of foreign exchange markets, balance of payments, and international monetary systems; will be able to read and understand general interest articles on international trade, finance and policy. The following is a course outline which is subject to change. Office Hours: Dr. Clare N.J. Hall Room 104 (732) 932 – 8108: Thurs. 10:00-11:00 A.M. LRC: Loree Hall: (732) 932-1660: Tues3:35-4:35P.M, Thurs 1:00-2:00 P.M. And by appointment. Grader: Beyza Satoglu E-mail: Office: NJ Hall Rm. 427 Hours: Mon. 3:00-4:30 and Th. 11:30-1:00
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ATTENDANCE I. My policy regarding attendance at regular classes is as follows: I do not take attendance, and I do not count attendance towards your grade. Since a thorough understanding of my lectures is crucial to your performance on the exams, and therefore your grades, cutting class will be a serious mistake. If you should miss a class you are expected to obtain the missed material from a student who was at class. You are responsible for all material even that covered when you miss class. You are adults now and you are expected to conduct yourself as such and attend class. I do not require students to contact me or report absences if they are going to miss a regular class. Note: Exams and quizzes are not regular classes and the above
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Syl_Intl.300sec06T_Th_Clare_Fall11 - Rutgers University...

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