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Poli Sci 111-1 - Goal different patterns of political...

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Poli Sci 111 - 1 19:36 “Who gets what; when, where, how” – Harold Lasswell The politics of: scarcity, distribution, authority. Scarcity is what brings in competition.  Every one of these concepts brings competition on.  Most cutthroat political thing: tea.  There’s still a dynamic about the tea.  Who is who? Assigning value and status to groups and individuals. 
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Unformatted text preview: Goal: different patterns of political interaction emerge in different places and different times. Why politics look different in different places? Why countries democratic/authoritarian? Poor/rich? Revolutions? Why do ethnic groups fight? Why strong and weak states? We’ll evaluate the building blocks. 19:36 19:36...
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