Poli Sci 111-13 - Poli Sci 111 13 18:28 Third World...

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Poli Sci 111 - 13 18:28 Third World Political Development State Building and Nation Building The Challenge of Post-Colonial Development Colonial Legacies Weak States Weak National Identity Weak Economic Capability Compressed Time-frame Simultaneous pol and econ development What is a weak state? State strength = autonomy + capacity Autonomy The ability to make decisions independent of societal influences and irrespective of  societal demands. Capacity The power and resources to implement policy decisions broadly.  Government – policy, State – Implementation Enforcement, Public – comply/reject ->  Government Challenge of State Building in the Third World State-formation Compare Europe vs. Third World The State Territory Organization Authority Legitimacy Popular recognition of the ruler’s right to rule
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Sources of Legitimacy Nation Ideological Legitimacy Market Performativity Legitimacy The Nation
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Poli Sci 111-13 - Poli Sci 111 13 18:28 Third World...

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