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Poli Sci 111-16 - Poli Sci 111 16 Neocolonialism Economic...

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Poli Sci 111 - 16 18:32 Neocolonialism: Economic Development in the Third World Dynamics of Dependency Underdevelopment Structure of domestic economy in satellite. Low manufacturing capabilities. Uneven terms of trade Bananas for TVs All countries in the same stage Development of the West depends on the underdevelopment of the Third World Remedy for Dependency Isolation (making yourself independent) Withdrawal from the International Economy Examples: Brazil, U.S., maybe China Applications of Dependency Theory South-South Cooperation International Regional Commodity Based Domestic Strategy Important substitution industrialization International Cooperation (GATT – use this as a safeguard)  Examples UNCTAD, 1964 NEIO, 1974 Main Goal
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Change principles of international economy “Fairness over free markets” Main problem Enforcement Conflicting interests Regional Cooperation Examples ASEAN, 1967
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