Poli Sci 111-17 - Poli Sci 111 17 18:28 Models of...

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Poli Sci 111 - 17 18:28 Models of Development for the Third World – Structural adjustment and the East Asian  alternative Developmental (Statist) Model (1950s – 1970s) Import substitution industrialization High tariffs Domestic consumption supports international production Improve quality of production State ownership of industry (important feature for the developmental model) Need for capital and coordination Heavy spending on social services Helps population cope with economic transformation Debt Crisis Commercial vs State-based lenders Oil Shock Cost of loan rose with oil prices World Bank and IMF bail out Structural adjustment program Liberal (Capitalist) Model (1980s – Today) Structural Adjustment Programs (SAPS) Fiscal austerity Privatization Trade liberalization Factors affecting conditions Size of markets Valued resources
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Fiscal Austerity Decrease state spending
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Poli Sci 111-17 - Poli Sci 111 17 18:28 Models of...

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