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Poli Sci 111-18 - Poli Sci 111 18 18:29 Models of...

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Poli Sci 111 - 18 18:29 Models of Development for the Third World (Structural Adjustment and the East Asia  Alternative) Problems with Earlier Models Developmental (Statist) Model Stagnation Inefficiency Shortage of Capital Liberal (Capitalist) Model Decline in social services Uneven distribution of wealth Undermines state strength New Models of Development “Guided Capitalism” East Asian Tigers Japan, Korea, Taiwan Combines Features of Liberal and Developmental Model Avoids both dependency and stagnation Chalmers Johnson (“Capitalist Developmental State” CDS) Economic dimension Open markets (along with some ISI) Government-business nexus Active private sector Provides information, expertise Active state actors Provide coordination, limit competition, more efficient Social Dimension
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“Zaibatsu” in Japan “Chaebol” in S. Korea Large firms provide source of social stability
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