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Colton Bateham Professor Wang 1/23/2011 Journal 3 The coverage of wars by the media has almost 100% of the influence on the public opinion. The only information the public knows about the war, aside from the politicians for or against it, comes from the newspapers, TV news channels, and online newspapers. Americans are not in Iraq, nor do they have any way to get information about the war besides the US public media. The media has a great responsibility to portray the war as it actually is. If they choose to show the war in a certain light, people will believe the war is truly that way. I believe the Iraq war was sanitized in some senses. As an American teenager, I was only thinking of American soldiers dying, not Iraqis. The war was viewed in two ways, either as a
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Unformatted text preview: good, positive, and easy war for the republicans supporting it; or as a pointless war costing us American lives. The Iraq war didn’t involve the death of Iraqis too often in my mind. Susan Sontag believes that men make war, and women do not. That men have a yearning for conquest and glory, and will create war for such things, while women don’t. I agree that men are the ones that make war, but only because we are the ones in power. Women aren’t in control of countries and haven’t had the chance to choose war or peace. War is not in man’s nature, it’s in human nature. Women would be just as obsessed with power and conquest if they had had a taste of such things....
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