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journal 5

journal 5 - This subject truly interests me and I will most...

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Colton Bateham 2/13/11 Michael Wang Journal Topic I am still debating the details of my journal topic. I want to write a research paper somehow involving college football. I’m planning to write about one of the controversial topics in college football, some of which are discussed often on TV. A few of the possibilities being: if the BCS bowl system is fair, if there are unnecessary rules in college football and are they enforced fairly, and why can’t athletes receive payment for their skill? I got into the subject of college football because I love it. It pretty much consumes my life year round, so I figure I would look into some of the parts of the sport covered by red tape.
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Unformatted text preview: This subject truly interests me, and I will most definitely enjoy researching this topic. I think anyone who has watched, had an interest for, or just heard of college football will be interested. People like controversy and everyone knows college football is a big deal in America. People will be generally interested about the internal conflicts in America’s favorite sport. I will need to find a source of the NCAA rules and history of enforcement if I wish to write about that topic, or a book containing the rules of the BCS bowl system and how it works so I can write about that....
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