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week 6 assignment

week 6 assignment - Colton Bateham HUM3321 Dr Alix Miller...

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Colton Bateham 10/9/2011 HUM3321 Dr. Alix Miller Week 6 assignment Kubrick’s The Shining depicts the feminine essence as abject, threatening, and monstrous. This film shows the feminine image as abject in very direct literal ways, and also in other metaphorical ways. In a direct application of this concept, Kubrick has Danny ride his three-wheeler down the hallways of the hotel to eventually come across two ghastly twin apparition girls. The twins ask Danny to play with them “Forever and ever and ever….”, while Danny’s shining shifts between showing the girls right now, and their murdered state. The twins representing this scary, murderous scene to Danny makes them monsters to him, even though they are innocent victims of their fathers murdering. Another direct example of female demonization is the bath tub scene with Jack. First, a sexy woman comes forward and seduces Jack into kissing her, which by itself is criminal enough, and then tricks Jack by changing into an older, dead, and slightly
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