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Rebecca Densen LAI 350 10/31/11 Final Project Proposal I plan to discuss how having Facebook, or other websites opened during schoolwork is a distraction and not multitasking. I plan to use this to demonstrate how allowing students to use the Internet for things other than class work during class is a distraction, and will cause not allow students to do their work efficiently and to the best of their ability. I will present this by using psychological studies on multitasking. I will also show the effect websites like Facebook have on grades, the amount of time that is spent on Facebook instead of listening in a class. I will show both the teacher and the student’s point of view. I will show the refuting arguments and dispute them. Most of my project will be on the ability or lack there of for multitasking. I will show how work cannot not be efficiently done while multitasking. I will most likely present this in a power point. In this I plan on showing what my work looks like when Facebook is opened and when it
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