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Question 3. I have had a few times where I have practiced privileged thinking and social injustices. I am not proud of it but I don’t think there is a single person that can say they haven’t at one point or another, gotten a tax or a fine and not wanted to pay it, or wanted the best even though your not the one who needed it the most. The example of these practices that I have taken part in is when it comes to the teachers I received or requested, growing up. When I was in Elementary school my parents knew which teachers were good and which weren’t. Being that I grew up in a decently well off two parent home at that age, I probably should have just kept any teacher that was assigned to me. My parents, however, always requested the switch. My father would say if my kids can’t get the best teachers then what am I paying taxes for. My mother, an active PTA member, the class mom (most years), and the president of much of our school’s academic and community fundraisers would argue that she has done a lot for the school and deserved this for her
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