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worldciv Test 1 Review - World Civ I Test 1 Review 1. What...

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World Civ I Test 1 Review 1. What is civilization? 2. What is culture? Material Culture? 3. Explain the Stone Age. 4. Describe the Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages. Paleolithic- old stone age, evolution of humans Neolithic= new stone age, agricultural revolution 5. What is the Ancient Agricultural Revolution? 6. Who are Foragers? 7. What was woman’s role in the Stone Age? Women’s role in Mesopotamia? 8. What was man’s role in the Stone Age? 9. Why is the development of cooking so important? 10. Why did people migrate? 11. Explain the reasons behind the domestication of animals? How did early people determine which animals to domesticate? 12. Who had a better life: Farmers or Foragers? 13. What are Jericho and Catal Huyuk? 14. What is oral tradition? 15. Why did people settle in the Tigris-Euphrates area? 16. Who were the Sumerians? 17. Why is the age of the Sumerians considered the divide between pre-history and history? 18. What are the Semitic languages? 19. What is a city-state? 20. How did cities develop? 21. How did the concept of King develop? 22. What were early Kings’ responsibilities? 23. Who was Hammurabi? Why is he important? 24. Explain why trade was so important to ancient civilizations. 25. How did trade affect religion in the ancient world 26. Who was the first class of traders? 27. Explain the social stratification in Mesopotamian society. 28. What do we know about the everyday lives of early Mesopotamians? 29. What were women’s roles in early Mesopotamia? 30. Discuss Sumerian Religion. 31. Discuss Mesopotamian technology. 32. Why is the Nile considered Egypt’s ultimate gift? 33. What are the three periods of Egyptian History? What are the intermediate periods not recognized? 34. What is Divine Kingship? Where was it practiced? 35. What are the Egyptian royal capitals? 36. What is the Rosetta Stone?
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worldciv Test 1 Review - World Civ I Test 1 Review 1. What...

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