Philosophy - Philosophy-Mid Term What is Philosophy...

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Unformatted text preview: Philosophy-Mid Term What is Philosophy? Philosophy is the discipline concerned with questions of how one should live (ethics) What sorts of things exist (metaphysics) What counts as genuine knowledge (epistemology) And what correct principles of reasoning are (logic) Meta- is a Greek word for beyond-metaphysics deals with things we can't touch Epistemology-discusses what we know and how certain we can be of that evidence Philosophia Greek for love of wisdom ~Philosophy doesn't really create anything- it helps figure out what is real~ *Dualism- two different things-the mind is one thing separate from the body *Materialism- the physical being of the body -body and mind are one thing *Apriori- pre-existing knowledge You can't really prove theories such as whether God exists- but you can't disprove them either *Moral Relatism- every culture gets to make up their own morals and ever culture believes they are right *Utilitarianism- most good for most people } Golden Rule{ Do unto others as you would be treated-pops up in almost every culture in some form-it doesn't necessarily make it a moral code though Kant believed you should always act with good will. Discussion: What is Stuff Made of? • Most stuff is made from energy • We don't really know the reason gravity exists or why energy can produce certain stuff. • To figure out things out we would have to believer there is something to figure out. *Epistemology- what counts as knowledge *Teleology-everything aims at something and everything has a purpose of some sort *Altruism- selfless act for someone *Deontological- duty based ethics Chapter 1 - The Pre Socratics Pre - Socratics asked what is stuff?...
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Philosophy - Philosophy-Mid Term What is Philosophy...

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