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Visual Theory Test 2 - they look familiar Architecture...

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Visual Theory Test 2 A. Post Modernism A lot of challenging of mythology Criticized what came before it Originality and creativity Idea of making something through nothing - What makes meaning of an artwork is the context in which it’s placed - Personal experience determines the meaning of something B. Post Modern Graphics - Images could have multiple meanings. It depends on each person’s interpretation 1. Photographs After Walker Evans by Levine - Found a picture, re-framed it and claimed it as hers -Referencing the context around the photo -Photo taken during the Great Depression, documentary photograph -The meaning changed once she put the photo in a modern gallery Cindy Sherman - Photos were not directly taken from another photo like Levine, but
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Unformatted text preview: they look familiar- Architecture, Clothing, etc. can tell a viewer when the photo was taken-Replicates “codes” we see to describe a photo-Repetition is comfortable, seductive • Barbara Kruger-Art and Text work-Language associated with image gives it meaning-Debates over the role of women, how they should look, etc.-“Your body is a battleground” • Jeff Koons-Vacuum Cleaners in glass case-Placed state of the art vacuums in acrylic cube and put in a gallery-Our understanding of our products has no history-No thought about where objects came from, who made them, etc.-think they “magically appeared”-Michael Jackson with his monkey Bubbles-made of gold-very high end craftsman like sculpture...
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