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NEW 148 Syllabus(1) - Class Policies for ULC 148 -...

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Class Policies for ULC 148 -- Pre-Calculus -- FALL 2011 Note: If you have taken a more advanced math course for credit (e.g. MTH 115, 121, 131, 141, etc.) outside the Learning Center, you are not eligible to take this course. INSTRUCTOR: Sandy Kisker OFFICE HOURS: Mon/Wed/Fri LOCATION: Baldy 211 E-MAIL: [email protected] TEXTBOOK: Algebra and Trigonometry (Early Graphing) - Custom Edition for University at Buffalo, by Robert Blitzer. CALCULATORS: A scientific calculator is required for this course. However, you will NOT be allowed to use it on all of the quizzes and exams. The instructor will be specific on when a calculator is allowed. GRADING: Your final grade will be calculated by taking the average of five components: (1) Quiz Average (2) Exam #1 grade (3) Exam #2 grade (4) Exam #3 grade (5) Exam #4 grade **Important Note: Each of these parts has an equal weight in your final average. Keep in mind, that NONE of your Exam grades will be dropped, unless you take the optional Final Exam (see below). FINAL EXAM: An optional cumulative Final Exam will be offered during Final Exam week after classes have finished. Students who have more than 6 absences will NOT be eligible to take the Final Exam. If you decide to take the Final Exam, the grade will replace your lowest exam grade, EVEN IF the Final Exam grade is lower than the lowest exam grade. This means the Final Exam could end up lowering your final course grade for the semester. ** Final Exam is cumulative
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NEW 148 Syllabus(1) - Class Policies for ULC 148 -...

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