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Environmental Chemistry - Organic chemistry – the...

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Environmental Chemistry - chemistry of soil, air, and water and of human impact on natural systems Geochemistry – chemical compostition/processes associated with the earth and other planets Green Chemistry – processes/products that eliminate or reduce the use or release os hazardous substances Inorganic chemistry – structure and interactions between inorganic compounds ( compounds not based on carbon) Kinetics – examines the rate at which chemical reactions take place and the factors affecting the rate of chemical processes Nanochemistry – assembly and properties of nanoscale groupings of atoms or molecules Nuclear chemistry – chemistry associated with nuclear reactions and isotopes
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Unformatted text preview: Organic chemistry – the chemistry of carbon and living things • Photochemistry – chemistry centered around interactions between light and matter • Physical chemistry – applies physics to the study of chemistry (quantum mechanics and thermodynamics) • Polymer hemistry – examines the structure and properties of macromolecules and polymers; synthesis of these molecules; also called macromolecular chemistry • Solid State Chemistry –focused on the structure, properties, and chemical processes in the solid phase ( synthesis and characterization of new solid state materials) • Theoretical chemistry – applies chemistry/physics calculations to describe or predict chemical events...
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