Intro to Stat_Part_59

Intro to Stat_Part_59 - 191 Height (in feet) Stories 1050...

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Unformatted text preview: 191 Height (in feet) Stories 1050 57 428 28 362 26 529 40 790 60 401 22 380 38 1454 110 1127 100 700 46 Table 12.4 a. Using “stories” as the independent variable and “height” as the dependent variable, make a scatter plot of the data. b. Does it appear from inspection that there is a relationship between the variables? c. Calculate the least squares line. Put the equation in the form of: ^ y = a + bx d. Find the correlation coefficient. Is it significant? e. Find the estimated heights for 32 stories and for 94 stories. f. Use the two points in (e) to plot the least squares line on your graph from (b). g. Based on the above data, is there a linear relationship between the number of stories in tall buildings and the height of the buildings? h. Are there any outliers in the above data? If so, which point(s)? i. What is the estimated height of a building with 6 stories? Does the least squares line give an accurate estimate of height? Explain why or why not. j. Based on the least squares line, adding an extra story adds about how many feet to a building? k. What is the slope of the least squares (best-fit) line? Interpret the slope....
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Intro to Stat_Part_59 - 191 Height (in feet) Stories 1050...

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