Intro to Stat_Part_61

Intro to Stat_Part_61 - 197 a. Decide which variable should...

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Unformatted text preview: 197 a. Decide which variable should be the independent variable and which should be the dependent variable. b. Make a scatter plot of the data. c. Does it appear from inspection that there is a relationship between the variables? Why or why not? d. Calculate the least squares line. Put the equation in the form of: ^ y = a + bx e. Find the correlation coefficient. Is the decrease in times significant? f. Find the estimated gold medal time for 1932. Find the estimated time for 1984. g. Why are the answers from (f) different from the chart values? h. Use the two points in (f) to plot the least squares line on your graph from (b). i. Does it appear that a line is the best way to fit the data? Why or why not? j. Use the least squares line to estimate the gold medal time for the next Summer Olympics. Do you think that your answer is reasonable? Why or why not? The next three questions use the following state information. State # letters in name Year entered the Union Rank for entering the Union Area (square miles) Alabama 7 1819 22 52,423 Colorado 1876 38 104,100 Hawaii 1959 50 10,932 Iowa 1846 29 56,276 Maryland 1788 7 12,407 Missouri 1821 24 69,709 New Jersey 1787 3 8,722 Ohio 1803 17 44,828 South Carolina 13 1788 8 32,008 Utah 1896 45 84,904 Wisconsin 1848 30 65,499 Table 12.13 Exercise 12.15 (Solution on p. 205.) We are interested in whether or not the number of letters in a state name depends upon the year the state entered the Union....
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Intro to Stat_Part_61 - 197 a. Decide which variable should...

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