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Chemistry Solved_Part_1 - Laboratory Activity 1 Week 1...

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©2010 Digital Interactive Video Education Week 1 Laboratory Activity 1 Introduction to Chemistry Laboratory Introduction Welcome to Chemistry Laboratory! In today’s lab, you will become familiar with equipment used in Chemistry Laboratory, and proper use of several frequently used items. You will also learn about laboratory safety, and the format of most of your laboratory activities, which all follow the scientific method. How to Complete a DIVE Chemistry Laboratory Activity 1. Open your workbook to the appropriate page. Have a pencil and calculator ready. 2. Turn on your DIVE Video Lab and begin watching. 3. Watch the activity, pausing and rewinding as necessary. Fill in the activity book as you go. Format of DIVE Chemistry Laboratory Activities Describe each part of the typical DIVE Chemistry Laboratory Activity: Introduction Hypothesis Methods Results Discussion Laboratory Equipment List the types of lab equipment used: Equipment used for support_____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2
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©2010 Digital Interactive Video Education Week 1 Laboratory Equipment, continued Equipment used for containing substances__________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ Equipment used for measuring___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ Miscellaneous equipment_______________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ Laboratory Safety
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