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Unformatted text preview: ©2010 Digital Interactive Video Education Week 18 89 LESSON 35: WATER Assignment: 1) Read textbook pages corresponding to this topic. 2) Defne the Following terms: Phase diagram, triple point, electrolysis, electrolyte, anhydride, basic anhydride, acidic anhydride, water of hydration, hydrate, hygroscopic, desiccator, desiccant, deliquescence, efForescence 3) Watch lecture and take notes. 4) Complete review questions, and check answers. LESSON 35 REVIEW QUESTIONS Solutions are at the end oF the video For this lesson. 1-10 1 pt. each. ¡ill in the blanks using the list oF words written below. Each word should be used only one time. Acidic, deliquescence, efForescence, electrolytes, electrolysis, ¡ve, four, hygroscopic, phase diagram, triple 1) A substance may exist as a solid, liquid and a gas when it is at its ___________________ point. 2) ________________________anhydrides are compounds that react with water to Form acids. 3) There are _________________ waters oF hydration on one molecule oF the compound CaSO 4 •5H 2 4) The property oF a substance being so hygroscopic that it attracts enough water molecules to dissolve is known as___________________________. 5) __________________________ compounds can remove water From the air. 6) Water is its most dense at about _________________________ degrees Celsius....
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Chemistry Solved_Part_30 - ©2010 Digital Interactive Video...

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