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Scope of Work for Graduate Mechanical Engineer Design Class Graduate students from the Mechanical Engineering Department (ME) at Texas A&M (TAMU) will perform a preliminary engineering design of a riser system for a Top Hole Dual Gradient Package (THDG), utilizing existing equipment (rig pump, rotary table, flex joints, slip joints, stress joint, riser handling and storage equipment). The system needs to be compatible with existing rig floor practices for ease of operation. TAMU-ME will produce three conceptual designs of a dual gradient riser system which is compatible with the Hydril dual gradient subsea mud pump package. Top Hole Dual Gradient Package Options The conceptual designs will address a system capable of either: (1) Deploying a Mud Lift Pump (MLP) and connecting it to wellhead connector--analogous to drilling open hole sections prior to setting surface conductor but supplying a mud circulation capability or (2) Deploying a Mud Lift Pump with a Subsea Shutoff Device (SSOD), which affords some level of well control and shut-in in an emergency. Surface Triplex Pump Design Limitations Students will define surface and subsea pump efficiencies, friction losses, and hydrostatic to determine optimum riser size and maximum water depth for operations with an existing surface triplex mud pump. Design Requirements of Virtual Riser Riser size Connections/couplings for riser (for handling gas in mud return riser) Running drill string with bit and BHA through center of virtual riser Design spacer and centralizer Accommodate installation of control umbilical Assume riser is stored in stands of triples <90 ft in length and in a horizontal racker Assume two riser stands can be delivered at a time to a dual elevator system Riser cannot be stored as a virtual riser with spacers installed Virtual Riser Rig Floor Handling Compatible with normal tripping operations (drill crew comfort level) Assume compatible with dual completion technology (spiders & slips and elevator & tubing tongs) Rotary Table Define rotary table clear opening for running dual gradient riser 49-1/2 in. or 60-1/2 in. b757c53515f7c5b4f192e9592089422f6020ca8d.doc Page 1 of 6 10/31/2011
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Riser Connection at Drill Floor Define tensioning requirements Design riser connection below rotary table for structural support Tensioning ring or Connect to diverter housing below rotary table Define any requirements for slip joint, flex joint, or stress joint Guidance of drill string into top of virtual riser through rotary table Tensioning System Define tensioning system on typical rig. Students will calculate top tension requirements
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SOW ME Grad Design - Scope of Work for Graduate Mechanical...

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